thoughtsDrew Allen

10 and 2, we're sharing the road with show horses.

thoughtsDrew Allen

thoughts! a grab bag. don't be scared to get close. just let go of whatever's keeping you from it. it'll be fun.

brian regan is very funny.

i failed to work out this morning.

i just spent a lot on a pair of shoes.

but they're gonna be my main pair for a long time.

i enjoyed get smart. i enjoyed wall*e.

i hope to enjoy Wanted and Hancock soon.

in the language of The Limited, i want to move from a "Drew Fit" to a "Sexy Drew Fit."

I enjoy putting videos on youtube.

If you are actually reading this... could you please comment...

i am trying to get an idea of who actually reads my wordpress...

i need to decide what i should do about my multiplicitous and fragmented web identities...

i really am quite a catch.