thoughtsDrew Allen

thoughtsDrew Allen

i've got a reputation with everyone but i don't want one with you.

what's happening with me? well too much to jot down in this little window of time i have...

Company Christmas Party tonight. should be fun. maybe too much fun. we'll see. memories. definitely. Also hoping to hang out with Stauffer and others tonight, because tomorrow i leave town until after christmas. SO... call me. tonight.


In regards to the derek webb quote above... I am changing my reputation. that is my goal.

I have a reputation. "Drew is girl-crazy. He's always after someone, or no, someones. He's just waiting for any girl to tell him yes. He's working his options. He's playing the field... fishing... looking for anyone willing..." I've said dumb stuff before, mainly for the comedic point, that appears to support the reputation... "Qualities in a wife? I'm not picky... Availability and Willingness."

Well, i'm kinda tired of that rep. So F*** that. No more.

When i pursue a girl it will be because i can see myself with no other. True Love always risks True Pain. It is always Vulnerable. If she's an "option",that's not vulnerable... that's an "E-Bay Watch List" of women. and that's not cool. And i'm sad that this is the reputation i have inadvertently/willingly at times built for myself. I'm done.

RIP The List (1994-2007)


in other news... I'll be out of town until Tuesday Night. Merry Christmas everyone.

This holiday season is the first that i had ANY semblance of a budget to buy gifts with. The experience reignited in me the joy of Giving. And that is a very, very good thing.

Also, I am making a book list, an album list, and a movie list for 2008. I welcome, and appreciate all recommendations.


for those in suspense from the end of the last post... a summary: I went to Lakeland. I didn't get to see about half the friends I wanted to. But I did get to see a couple much more than i even expected to. It kinda evened out. Big Props to Josh J Money. That boy graduated. My small group in Lakeland is still just plain amazing.

Ok... Time to party.... Hopefully i won't end up saying...

"Well, Happy Birthday Jesus. Sorry your party's so lame." - Michael Scott.