Drew Allen


Drew Allen

Tomorrow I turn 34 years old. 


I honestly don’t even believe that when I hear it out loud. 

How did this happen? 

It’s such a strange feeling. I’m almost outside of myself, watching this happen with no control. 

I have mixed feelings when I step out of my shoes and take a look at my life. 

It’s a mashup of some pretty great accomplishments, achievements, and good things, right alongside some embarrassing shortcomings. 

You take the good. You take the bad. You take what’s left. That’s it. 

I suppose the fact that I’m writing this to Sleeping At Last means that I’m instantly feeling a little more melancholy and reflective in this  moment. 

I love my life, honestly. I’m so blessed in so many ways. My job, my passions, my wife, my family, my friendships. 

Even my future is brighter still, with a brand new chapter starting in December.

Even so, I am always a critic. In the good and bad ways. 

I just can’t help looking at anything and seeing how it could be improved.

So I look at my life, and I see all those areas I've fallen short. All the broken promises to myself.

And I’m driven to keep going. Keep hoping. Keep fighting and scrapping and chasing after growth. the pursuit of Goodness and Greatness. 

It’s so much easier to run the race with His Grace covering me. 

But I have to keep running. So much more to see, do, learn, and become. 

The summits are waiting to be scaled. 

Gotta run.