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A Whole Nother Blog Post

thoughtsDrew Allen
A Whole Nother Blog Post

Well here’s another random one. 

Speaking of another…. 

One of the questions Tim Ferriss has at times asked his podcast guests is this one: 

What is one thing you believe that other people think is crazy? 

And I don’t know how actually crazy it is, but I have found my thing for sure. 

I firmly believe that the word “nother” should be an actual word. 

For instance, playing one game of Monopoly is a pretty nice way to spend an evening. 
But playing a whole nother game right after you finish the first one? Well that’s a recipe for extra espresso the next day. 

See, many people would correct that to “whole other game.” 

But that’s not correct. That game could be Boggle, or Risk, or Paper Rock Scissors. The “other” implies a simple idea of being different that the first game. 

But “nother” implies “additional” as well as separate from the the first “one” that is mentioned. 

Of course, it sounds ridiculous to say, “But playing an ADDITIONAL GAME right after you finish the first one…” 

That just sounds odd. 

You could say “Second” which is the most technically correct, but it still doesn’t sound nearly as plain and vernacular as a “whole nother game” and it's also very specific. What about the third game? We have to number them all now? 

A simple suggestion may be to say, “another” game, but that is very lacking in emphasis. 

The “whole” has a strong role in emphasizing the scope of the size of the thing that one is getting another of, so to speak.  

Yeah. It’s a very specific use case, but English has PLENTY of room for those. 

“A whole nother ________ “ should be a grammatically correct phrase.

Don’t try to convince me otherwise. It won’t work.