Amnesia and Just Saying No

Amnesia and Just Saying No

Well I've been sick. That sucks. 

I’ve been thinking about easy it is to forget.

I wish I could clone a ghost version of myself, to coach me through every day. 

But Ghost-Drew’s job is to think about how I felt in all the dark moments of my life and remind me.

When it’s time for lunch, and I was something delicious because I’ve had a terrible day and I’m fighting a cold, and life is just bleh. 

I want Me to stand up and be like,

"Remember what it felt like when your heart was in arrhythmia and you thought you were about to die and you just wanted to text Kori you loved her? And how you swore you were going to change your life right then and there? Yeah, put down those fries, Drew."

That’s what I want.

This is one of the reasons I kinda of want a tattoo on my hand. Something I can’t miss. Like, the word “no” right on the back on my hand. To encourage resistance to all the poor choices I make. 

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s just my feelings currently about it. 

I know that accountability helps and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been more public about sharing this stuff. 

Anyway, thanks for reading if you have been. I’m not giving up this time.