thoughtsDrew Allen

Do I want an MBA?

thoughtsDrew Allen
Do I want an MBA?

Sometimes I think I should get an MBA. 

Other times I think I should jump in as a full time drummer/voiceover artist. 

That’s quite a dichotomy I realize. 

But hey, I’m a complicated person. 

It really depends on my moods. 

Sometimes I feel like conquering something. 

Well, I often feel like conquering something, but the target of my conquerosity is a pendulum. 

There are times when I want to have an MBA. To be able to say, “I have an MBA.” And it hasn’t really happened yet, but I can feel it right around the corner that not having one will end up being an impediment to my career. 

Of course, when I say career, I mean the whole marketing/content/strategy/director type thing I have going on these days. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy that, I do. 

Getting an MBA, would likely mean giving up a LOT of my time and energy that usually goes to satisfy the deeper urgings of my soul, namely that thing that really makes me feel alive, which is more creative pursuits, like drumming, music, writing. Creating. These are the things that I find myself really wanting to dive into. 

Having an MBA though, may just afford me the ability to better support my wife and child, which would in the long run be really great to have done. 

So you can see I have a conundrum on my hands.

Should I get an MBA?