Exactly 5 minutes of my writing.

Exactly 5 minutes of my writing.

So I'm trying something new. Which is to spend exactly 5 minutes writing. And exactly 5 minutes posting. 

And just like that a new blog post is born. It might not be much. But Seth Godin mentioned it as something that every writer, or person who wants to be a writer should be doing. Blogging. Every day. I don't know that I completely agree with it, but he might know a *little* more than I do about being a successful writer, OR a successful blogger. So I'm giving it a shot. 

It strikes me that I've never really come right out and said that I want to be a writer. I guess it sounds pretty pretentious. And I'm not as good at writing as I am say, drumming. But I think a lot of what I want to do is to create. To tell stories. I can't always make up great stories. Actually, you can just say, I can barely make up stories. But I really enjoy telling a good story. (This is where my closer friends laugh knowing and possibly say something slightly derogatory in agreement. I've certainly earned that.) It's also an Allen thing, to love telling stories and to be good at it. Runs in my blood. 

So I'm trying this. Also, I want to talk about my new podcast. Yep, that's happening. When it comes down to it, I'm a better talker than I am a writer, so it's a natural progression. 

So my question to you is: 

What should my podcast be about?

What would you want to hear me talk about every week or month, etc.? 

Write it in the comments. 

And thanks for reading this. It's been fun.