Drew Allen

Fall down seven times. Get up eight.

Drew Allen
Fall down seven times. Get up eight.

Fall down seven times. Stand up eight. 

It’s an ancient Chinese Proverb, which is also mentioned in scripture. 

Here's my confession. 

I kinda went on a bender right before my birthday and am just now stopping. 

This bender had nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with food and exercise. 

I could say I fell off the wagon. But let’s be honest here. I jumped off.

It was my birthday, and all sorts of happy surprises were happening. 

Two great friends of mine came back into town. 

Two other great friends had a show downtown.

My dream of playing music with Ricky Kendall came true. 

I just got caught up in this vacation mode and let it get to me. 

I’m back at 255 lbs. 

The vacation is over. 

My health is important. 

Get back to work Drew.

It’s time to get back to chasing greatness.

It’s still long past time for me to get my fit together.

So the wagon slowed down a little, and I grabbed hold of the back. And now i’m climbing back on. 

Fall down seven times. Get up eight. 

That’s my motto. 

Continue to have Hope, Drew. It won’t disappoint. 

Brief language warning for this song, but it speaks to my soul.