Get Your Fit Together, Drew

Get Your Fit Together, Drew

I’m going to own today in the face. 

Because it’s a Monday, and it’s just begging for it.

Also, a while back I kinda started an online video series to basically log my own adventures in getting in shape. 

It’s called Drew Gets His Fit Together and it’s on YouTube right here

I have up to this point posted quite sporadically, but hoping that will be changing at this point to being more regular video updates. 

The idea is that it is some form of accountability to me. With all of you viewing the videos (and commenting with positive feedback or comments or questions), it creates a sense of accountability for me to keep going and not to give up at any point. 

Sometimes it does get hard. 

When I think about it there is a part of me that even regrets telling you guys this, because I don’t want to later look like a failure or disappoint myself by disappointing you. 

But maybe that’s why it’s GOOD to be telling you this. 

So, if it’s been a while and you haven’t seen a new #DGHFT update from me, you can go ahead and call me out. But if you do, at least make it in a hopeful, encouraging sort of wy, not a demeaning one. 

Here's the latest video, don't forget to go and subscribe so you don't miss any. 

Thanks guys!