Drew Allen

My Non-political Problem with Capitalism

Drew Allen
My Non-political Problem with Capitalism

The downside to capitalism is competition. 

Wait. WAIT! Hear me out. 

Right now, with big tech companies, you have this ugly splintering effect happening. 

It’s not that person can’t use Google Photos and Amazon Video on their Apple devices. 

TECHNICALLY, that is a possible thing to do… but not…. functionally. 

My dream and I know it almost reeks of communist ideals as a commerce model, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about ideal functions here, not the societal structures ok? Ok. 

My dream would be that Apple hardware is THE main hardware used. 

Why? Because it’s sexy and powerful. 

And don’t quote numbers to me about how you can get higher numbered processor for less money. 

It’s a different system architecture from the core outward. A Quad-core 3.2 Ghz processor in a Mac will beat the same CPU in a PC every time (esp. running an Apple OS) and that includes reliability. 

On the software side I want Google’s ecosystem. 

Google Drive, Docs, Sheets.
Google Photos.
My Contacts.

Now, you might say, you can have all that on iPhone now if you want. 

And that’s true, but you get penalized for it. Click a link in your email or in an instagram bio and what do you get? Safari.  I know that’s Apple’s fault. Still sucks. I want to be able to make all the default software on my phone to be Google. (except the ACTUAL OS, because Android is still way behind iOS at this point). 

One other notable exception. Can we please just have Google adopt the iMessage/SMS way of handling Messages? Because it’s SO SO much cleaner and easier than Google’s Hangouts/SMS/Duo/Alto fiasco. 

So yeah hardware Apple, ecosystem Google.

Digital Media? Amazon. 

Amazon has an extensive library of new release movies and TV shows for rent or sale, AND a decent set of media available for streaming with Prime. 

They’re consistently cheaper than iTunes  as well. 

So yeah,  Amazon handles all the Media. 

But we’re not done. 

We need a social network.

And we need it to be truly user-centric.

There was a time when I would have picked Facebook as the go-to network. 

It would become connected with our public records, and all be in one giant database.  All your actual details were accurate, which would cut out a ton of spam and fake accounts, online bullies, etc. 

But recently Facebook has CLEARLY demonstrated an appalling disregard for their users. They have shunned what would actually be helpful to the people using the app. It is quite obvious that their main goal is to package and profit from its users. Then firehose their users with as many ads as possible, while doing as much as they can legally do for them to not look like ads. 

Anyway, Facebook almost deserves its own post for how terrible it’s being to its users. 

Going back to my initial claim, this is a great example of how capitalism actually results in a less satisfying experience for the user.

Sadly most people I know aren't actually happy with Facebook, but they see no viable other option. 

So I don't know what the social network would be. I think Instagram's platform with "Stories" powered by Snapchat built in, but minus Instagram's TERRIBLE new algorithm would likely be the best current combo.

But whatever the network, it would ABSOLUTELY need a monthly subscription option to remove all ads of any kind. 


I understand the benefits of competition. In this case, one of them isn't the excellence of the user experience. 

I threw a lot of opinions around, so feel free to disagree (respectful) in the comments.