The Blank Page on Monday Morning

The Blank Page on Monday Morning

It’s pretty intimidating, right? 

It’s like a dare. 

Just looking at you, like, “What are you gonna do about me?? Whatchyou got?" 

It’s crazy. 

Like Anderson Silva dropping his arms and sticking his chin out, begging to get knocked out. 

Well, guess what? 

Today I'm Chris Weidman, and this page is about to hit the mat unconscious. 

Speaking of being dared, I kinda feel like life is just daring me sometimes, dodging my punches and laughing at me. 

Every time I gain more weight. 

Every time Monday morning brings to mind all the awful decisions I made with my diet over the weekend that set me back that much further, When I notice that I just undid the progress  I made the first 4 days of the week.

Well, I’m kinda tired of that cycle. 

I’m not giving up. 

I’m gonna man up and say no when I need to say no. 

And I’m gonna write. I’m not even sure what yet, but there's something in me that is driving me to do that. 

To drum. To write. And to father this little girl God had blessed me with. And to continue to be a good husband to my wife. 

This is the stuff I’m made to do. 

I just need to figure out how to do it.