Donald Trump stole my Facebook Friends

Donald Trump stole my Facebook Friends

I deactivated my Facebook account this week. 

It was a decision that I’d been considering for some time, and after falling down another rabbit hole of political ignorance and rudeness, I did it. 

The saddest thing is that these comments (angry, rude, mean, and often, ill-informed), aren’t coming from the fringes of society like most terrible youtube comments do. 

These were people I have always (and in many cases still) considered friends. 

And I was literally witnessing them exhibit HORRIBLE behavior toward other friends of mine. 

In case you were wondering, yes, most of the ugliness I witnessed revolves around our current president. 

There are friends whom I have that are fully in support of our new president and are still generally kind, patient, and as Christlike as can be. And that's great. But there are plenty more who prompted this whole post and change. 

It’s been quite a telling thing to watch. 

Even my most die-hard republican friends (and family members) just a year ago were just plain disgusted with Donald Trump, and were vocal about it. His incredible lack of character and lack of any real, intelligent plans for fixing things. His obsession with rudeness, arrogance, and complete egoism. His total disregard for tact and any sense of class. And I was right along with them. 

Then, later on, I watched many of them completely forego their own standards for character in the White House and put forth a vote for that same disgusting man to be the next President. It really shocked me to watch it all unfold. 

I heard a lot of “Well, I don’t like him, but he’s better than ‘Crooked Hillary’ (which is the most pot-and-kettle nickname I’ve ever heard Trump use). On some level, it was hard to argue with them. On others, it was very easy to. 

But the saddest part is that today, just a couple months after the election, I see the same people now on Facebook, and they have already completely lost the knowledge of ALL of the things they found awful about Trump to begin with. Trump has no more class, integrity, courtesy, diplomacy, tact, selflessness than he did a year ago. He hasn’t developed any actual serious, well-planned policies since then. Same guy. Same ideas, same rudeness, same doubletalk.

But now the people who barely stomached a vote in his favor 2 months ago are boldly (and rudely) attacking EVERYONE who even begins to question Trump’s character or policies now. It's a complete shift in thinking. Not even just how they seem to feel about Trump, but even the way they communicate online has become more rude and angry than it ever was before. 

Plenty of people warily cast a vote for Trump, after acknowledging their concern that he has the character necessary to do the job right. But now that he’s in office, they no longer even let a doubtful thought enter their mind! 

Did you know he’s still refusing to release his taxes, after promising several times that he would? 
Did you know that the 3 countries MOST responsible for terrorist attacks on the U.S. are NOT even included in his ban that is SUPPOSEDLY about protecting the country from terrorists?

Does stuff like this not even cause you a single doubt or concern in your mind? How far will you blindly follow a person who is not Jesus himself? 

Anyway, I really honestly, genuinely hope that Trump miraculously ends up doing things that positively affect our country. I really do pray that that happens. 

But my life is busy and distracted enough as it is, and with the limited margin in my life, friendships are vital to keep and strengthen, as is hope. 

I hate seeing good people getting divided, especially by politics.

Both friendships and hope are WAY easier to find when the Facebook News Feed is NOWHERE IN SIGHT. 

I highly encourage you to get rid of it too.