POSTPONED: The Google Switch

POSTPONED: The Google Switch

Ok so I have to make a retraction. 

Retraction? Regression? I’m not sure what you call it.

I’m not going to switch to the Google Pixel. Right now. There are a few reasons for this. I will dispense of them here and now. 

1. The Google Pixel is expensive, and not on AT&T. 

The fact that it isn’t sold by AT&T yet means that I will have to buy it outright, and that’s quite expensive to do. 

2. Google doesn’t have it all figured out yet. 

I have had the Google Home for a couple of months now, and there were some promises made by Google about what it could do, that they still haven’t figured out yet. 

It was the complete ubiquity of the Chromecast, the Home AND the Pixel that I was SO looking forward to. 

But even if I had the Pixel, I couldn’t use the Home to send texts, or make calls over the Home device. I can’t make calendar events, or even make reminders yet using the Home. Don’t get me wrong, this thing is far smarter than Alexa. Better voice recognition and smarter responses for sure. But the specific functions I was so excited about the Google Home for, aren’t even an option. Also, no real answer on the SMS front yet. 

3. I’m not completely sure how I’ll like having a bigger phone. 

I wrote before about how I had changed my mind and wanted a bigger phone, and admittedly I still do. But the Pixel is bigger than the iPhone 7, and I haven’t used anything bigger than an iPhone SE in like a year. And that uncertainty is not something at this point that I feel comfortable spending $750 on. 

So what’s the plan? 

My plan right now is to upgrade to the iPhone 7 (using AT&T Next program) and check out a few things. 

  • How much do I miss the headphone jack? 

  • How much do I use 3D touch? 

  • Do I enjoy the larger phone as much as I thought I would? 

I am continuing to save up money for a new phone, and when Google get’s its crap together on the Home front, I will re-consider. I could also sell the iPhone 7 to help pay for it. It’s possible by that time I would be better served waiting for the Pixel 2.

Am I making a huge mistake? Let me know.