You may have heard of this term: “Respawn” or “Respawning” 

It’s usually used in video games, specifically first-person-shooter type of games where you (and/or bad guys and/or friends playing) can be destroyed and then have to start again, and that’s what the word means. 

If you’re a fan of Nerd Fitness (as I am), it also has another connotation. 

It’s basically the same kind of idea of resetting and starting again (and, perfunctorily, admitting experiencing defeat). 

And that’s what I’m doing today.

Respawning my attempt at conquering my own body. 

Starting this morning. I don’t want to give too many details honestly, but here are some of my baby steps. 

  • 12 hour eating window. This will be reduced to 8 soon.

  • Tracking my food again. Probably still using MyFitnessPal.

  • Exercising again. At the very least, closing my activity ring EVERY DAY

  • Weight workouts. Cardio will still happen, but I want to try weights more.

  • Giving up all soda. I know. That’s a BIG LEAP for me. This might even be a Phase two for me. 

Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with social media, so oscillate between trying to make videos every day for my “drewgetshisfittogether” instagram and not. They weren’t exactly “performing well” so to speak, so no guarantees of any kind. I just wanted to capture and tell the story somehow, so here I am. 

If you’re on a legitimately similar journey, where you need to lose a lot of weight, and/or you REALLY want to be more of a part of my journey as well for support and accountability, please slide into the DMs somewhere.

That is all.