thoughtsDrew Allen


thoughtsDrew Allen

i am very angry at the moment. why? the completely idiotic new Hunter's Walk. (the plaza shopping thing across from publix at 43rd and 53rd.) It's basically designed with the goal being the consumer's incovenience.

I have to go to Campus USA once a month to cash my paycheck. Over time I had begun to warm up to the idea of switching to them. They seem friendly. The hours are better. Wachovia still blows.

ANYWAY. today i pull up in the publix lot and get out to go cash the check. Campus USA has moved! They still have a big sign up at the Publix Shopping Center (something a 20 ft ladder, a $20 tarp from Home Depot, and 20 minutes could fix), so i walked right up.

So then i have to get back in my car, go out, wait at the VERY inconvenient unnecessary light to go straight across into this debacle of a center to the new campus usa location.

I park, and realize i have to walk ALL THE WAY around the building to get inside. the ONLY entrance is on the opposite side of the building as all the parking. That's smart.

THEN they have NSA level security doors with a nice middle airlock room... where the second inner door won't open until the first outer is completely shut, even having little red and green lights to let you know. I wish i was making this up.

So I wait for a few minutes, as they decided to be understaffed for a friday 5 pm shift... finally finish everything, walk out, get in my car, thinking, well, AT LEAST, i can go the back way out onto 53rd via that behind-the-chevron road... WRONG AGAIN! They have whole series of ways to drive to a dead end, where the pavement end, signs are in the way, and there's a little grass lot separating you from the road to leave... NO REASON AT ALL to not finish paving that out to add one SLIVER of convenience to this whole center--except wait, i forgot, their goal is INCONVENIENCE, at which they have marvelously succeeded. I had to then turn around, go all the way back through and out at the SAME light i came in on, take a right, and continue on to the 43rd/53rd stop light. At this point I am not even thinking about going BACK ACROSS AGAIN to wachovia, to actually deposit the check i just cashed... which by the way, used to be very convenient in the publix shopping center...

I am SO SO livid at the existence of this shopping center! What is the point? a bank? There were already two over at Publix! A Grocery store? You're already  across from a Publix! A pharmacy/convenience store? You already have a CVS across the street, and a Walgreen's coming on 53rd around the corner!!!

It is completely ridiculous and unnecessary.

I need a drink. Ok, heading to The Jones'.