thoughtsDrew Allen


thoughtsDrew Allen

happy pi day.

hope today is good for everyone.

today is my day off.

i slept in, and am about to go have lunch with a friend.

then its laundry, gym, apt,  and finally guest drumming at Oneighty tonight.
we're playing two of my favorite worship tunes.(only you and king of glory[not third day song])

after that maybe a movie at my place with a teacher friend

I saw 300.  Wow.
Of course, it is more of a popcorn movie than a deep, mature, piece of film art. I knew that going in. BUT, any movie that makes me place more value on honor, character, courage, tenacity, freedom, and amazing abs, is a winner in my book.

Also, got to see it with Ramsey. It was nice seeing him after so long, even for a brief time. ALSO, saw it at the IMAX Theater at Channelside. Amazing.

In Lost news, i watched 8 hours of season one on sunday. and i am impressed with the show on a few levels.

The cinematography is amazing.
The plot is, although unoriginal, very engaging. I mean, the last time someone did this plot, it was Gilligan's Island. How far we have come.
The characters are real. This is where the show really engages me. I hate some of them. like, I have been brimming with rage at some of them. Everyone's worst character traits come out when stranded on an island and when forced to work together to survive. And MY worst traits come out as i watch these characters make mistakes, and interact, and generally do bad things.

How judgmental am I! I am no better than some of the characters I have cursed at on the show! What do I have as hope if not the hope that people can grow? that they (we) can change, can get better, wiser, stronger? Yes, my hope lies in Christ and his ability to help me live more like Him, but the essence of that life is love and hope for others... and watching this show allows Him to show me that i still have a ways to go. "but i'm getting there" (john mayer)

ok, off to a tuscan lunch.