thoughts, marketingDrew Allen

A pretty quick note about #MozCon and becoming Marketing Director.

thoughts, marketingDrew Allen

Where do I even start? So much has happened. So much has changed. Some changes good. Others not as good.

But wow, change all around. It really is the only constant.

New job, or new position I should say, is going well so far. It’s my first week, and all the websites are still up, so I consider that a personal win, haha.

I really want to do this well. To own it. To progress the company well and forward.

Oh, yeah, so #MozCon was amaze-balls. Scrumtrellescent. As they say.

First and foremost, I got to connect well with the owner, my new boss, and develop a good rapport with him. That was great. Secondly, I just learned a crapton of stuff.

The conference was a wonderful range of inspiring higher thought level content, general principles and rules, and specific nerdy tools and tips. My aspirations now range from lofty brand identity and purpose-driven goals all the way to wanting to be a Distilled Excel Ninja and also be Google Analytics Certified.

Also, I totally helped start a mini-flashmob cantab toast to Rand Fishkin at the beginning of his head-to-head with Will Critchlow. Kudos to Greg Gifford for helping it actually happen!

And now, I have a cool title. Marketing Director. Pretty Schnazzy I must say.

It’s not really the exact position I’ve imagined myself being in, but then again, not so far off either. I feel like I can thrive here.

In some ways it’s been tough to not try to pursue and date girls more often or, more heartily. But then I look and realize that I haven’t had the time to prioritize that, and that’s ok. I’m glad I called myself out early in the year.

Sadly, I’m not as close to meeting my yearly goals as I would like to be. I’ll get there though. Like Ali in the Jungle.