The Ruins was a deep, intelligent movie.

No, I'm joking. It was anything but deep and intelligent. This movie was another great example of cheap, crass movie-making. Don't get me wrong. I don't think every movie has to be sooo deep and sooo subtle and sooo artistic for me to think it's a good one. I enjoyed Independence Day. I enjoyed Snatch. Hell, I liked I, Robot. Anchorman... i mean i could go on listing movies that require you to lower your brain activity to enjoy... I like plenty of 'em. But this was bad. It was like, "how can we show something really gross here??" and then start wrapping plot around that... the whole thing could have been 30 minutes long and it would have been ten times better, because there might be less completely unnecessary gore (just for the sake of gore) and i would have only spent half an hour watching it.

Ironically, the only real advice i can give is actually the advice the film's plot gives: STAY AWAY FROM THE RUINS.