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An Open Question about Google+ and the Personality of Business

marketingDrew Allen

Photo via SEO Roundtable Basically, here' s the situation.

A client's company has always been to an extent, "faceless." No personal accounts of real people have ever been involved with company sites or company social media profiles. It's always been the company's policy to not have any faces and names associated. I'm not completely sure why other than the ease of dealing with shifting staff and turnover.

Obviously, having a real face and name associated with a company can really help brand strength, domain trust, CTR, conversion rate, etc.

Problem is, as I see it, Google is really upping the game with Google+.

We had made a personal profile (for this client) on Google+ with a real-sounding name and gmail address. This profile created the company's Google+ business page.

Within a few months Google had suspended the page for suspicious activity. Nothing suspicious was done on the page, just +1-ing content from those in its circles and sharing its own blog posts.

Looking around online I was able to find tales of other companies whose Pages had been shut down because Google could see by the lack of email use and the lack of personal profile use, that this wasn't a real person.

So, now my client's Google+ page is gone, the loss of which is clearly bad for any local SEO efforts.

But how do I (as their marketing consultant) and they as a company committed to no faces and no names, move forward into this newer world of needing to have both?