thoughtsDrew Allen

and i'm back.

thoughtsDrew Allen

wo. so shocking i couldn't even type the second "w".

no, i'm kidding.

but there is a lot to say.

i am typing this at 10 ish in the morning here at my teller station at work.

starting my last week here.

but I digress (crossdress?)

breakthrough was really good.

some interesting observations:

I didn't have an emotionally intimate moment with God.

I was seriously touched by the truth.

I rediscovered a gift i had practically lost.

I needed that weekend so bad.

on top of it all,

god connected me with a friend to help me pursue what I am now more sure than ever is my truest and grandest passion: playing drums.

some of the things i want to go into more details but am unable to.

if you've been to a breakthrough and want more discussion of my thoughts, let me know.

then i got back to lakeland just in time for the small group i have found here that i love. i will miss them very dearly, even though all but a couple i have only known for a couple of months of my time here. man. i'm gonna miss that.

last night we watched the democratic debate on CNN. interesting stuff. There were some surprising points made. My observations:

+ Edwards is a tool.

+ Clinton and Edwards both rode Obama's coattails and probably wished they had said a lot of what he did, as opposed to coming behind and trying to say,"Me too! I thought of that too!"

+ Bill Richardson probably got the greatest gains from this debate. at least in my mind. I had no idea who he was. and now I at least see that has a marginal level of intelligence.

+ Grivel was probably my favorite, mainly by being the only one who was willing to mention the corruption of the election process overall; and how he was the only one on stage not being hugely funded by a bunch of special interest groups. Campaign Finance Reform is one my "hot-button" issues.

+ I don't want Hillary Clinton to be president.

+ I wouldn't mind a democrat overall.

+ The host lady who was moderating the audience questions was also a complete tool. ("hellomentary school teacher")

Also watched the next to last episode of Sopranos EVER. holy ****. wow. i'm freaking out.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this week and spending some time with everybody here in Lakeland, before i leave... call me up.