thoughtsDrew Allen

My written musings from a Bible Study, as they occurred.

thoughtsDrew Allen

This is my first attempt at a first assembly microchurch™ in over two years. I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit awkward right now, but not unbearably so.

We're talking about Ephesians 3 and 4. Nicole Blattler is here. That's pretty cool. I've forgotten most of the names. I'm gonna do my best not to say too much.

Ok, I said one thing. I should be more confident with my words. Also, I should not have chosen a hightop chair.

God's perspective is better than ours.

My conclusion is that in person Paul was a lot like Dr. House.

Thinking of him this way makes his writing seem more... earnest or something. We just finished Ephesians 3.

Basically, Paul is humbled (v. 14) by the incredible responsibility he was priviliged to share (v. 7), which causes him to fall to his knees (v. 14) and pray for us to experience Christ's love and grow deep roots of trust in that love (v.17-19). That is what leads us to the power of Christ working in us so we can fulfill God's purpose in all of this (v. 20) to display his rich wisdom to the world at large.

One of the guys left. He's working on his Master's in Math. But I don't remember his name.

"Living a life worthy of your calling" is a command to all christians to humility, gentleness, patience, and above all, UNITY.

Two girls arrived. I just got a call from an unknown number. Not who I was thinking, but the temperature outside was nice, so I didn't mind. Upon return to the group they're discussing "Heaven is for Real." It's pretty interesting now.

"Not being blown and tossed by every wind of new teaching." (v. 14). It's not always about false doctrine, also the newest fads.

Sean Smith. Bob Sorge. Rob Bell.

"When did I become mature in my faith?" AM I now? (Rhetorical.) Faith and Knowledge.

The guy from Peru has a cool accent. His name also escapes me.

If a random person commits a crime against me, I'm mad (wrath). But if my son or brother commits the same crime against me, My sorrow outweighs the anger. God responds now with grief and sorrow (instead of anger and wrath in OT) to our sin because we are part of His family.

I'm just throwing it out there: Bible Study is better with a great Cuban accent and a great Peruvian accent.