Terrible Movie

august rushed for a loss of yards.

I did not shop today.

waking up early + masses of people = angry drew.

I slept in. it was wonderful.

I worked, but i also got to catch Friday movie MATTinee finally.

And what i saw was terrifying.

August Rush is one of the worst movies i have ever, ever seen in a theater.

I think Helix Loaded is probably the only worse one i can think of right now. You've never heard of Helix Loaded? Exactly my point.

Anyway, this movie was just bad. I was iffy on the premise when i saw the trailer, but i was hoping to be surprised.

And i was. by how much this movie failed to live up to my already pretty low expectations.

bad writing, bad acting, bad plot, bad character development. i could go into detail, but i don't want to bring up all the bad memories. it even insults musicians by ridiculously oversimplifying musicianship. just abysmal, really.

looking for solace, or silver lining? the cinematography was adequate. I would also say the movie had a good message of being able to appreciate the musical sounds present in everyday life, but the fact that that message is mainly given through a child in need of major mental therapy kinda ruins that part.

luckily matt green and i laughed at it alot. that's my solace.

happy black friday night.

EDITOR'S Note: You are free to to like the movie. What you see here is my opinion. Please do not bother telling me how apparently evil of a person I am because i did not think is was the most beautiful thing since Casablanca. To judge a person's character based on their opinion of a movie is a childish and immature thing to do.