well it's monday. and i'm at cc.

(makes the title seem ironic, eh?)

but i like it. i like my new 'puter.

i miss matt green. and i enjoy ambiguity, for ambiguity's sake. no for the chauvinistic reasons men often enjoy ambiguity.

my weekend in lakeland was just plain great. i will post some pictures soon.

i am no longer at cc.

i was going to make this entry interesting, engaging, and entertaining...

but the idiotic iPhoto facebook export plugin worked like a freakin' square wheel... causing me to have to untag my photos one by one for them to actually upload, then re-tag all of them from facebook, after they did upload. i am currently livid. so no engaging, entertaining content. i apologize.

i am going to bed, as soon my heart rate lowers some more.