this is jumbled because i should be sleeping. surge is happening again. it felt good to start planning it. it should be good.

i don't like that a few scant days after claming "live better" as my mantra, i discover walmart beat me to the punch. bastards. lol. jk. but yeah it does kinda stink.

A New Kind Of Christian is a really good book. Not just by it's thesis (although it's great), but also that reading it has rejuvenated my desire to embrace, engage, grow, expand my faith.

I truly believe that to live the Kingdom of God as Christ intended is just a fantastic way to live, not just for my benefit, but for the benefit of those around me, and the world in general.

I most assuredly want to be a professional drummer as my career. I am more aware of steps i have to take to get there.

ending with a couple of lists and a quote:

SONGS THAT ARE SACRED TO ME AT THIS POINT Say by John Mayer Typical by Mute Math Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol Second Best by Pedro the Lion Viva La Vida by Coldplay Lover, You Should've Come Over by Jeff Buckley Who Did You Think I Was? by John Mayer Trio The Winner Is by Devotchka Love Is Waiting by Brooke Fraser

Recent Natural Highs Playing Drums Well, especially blues or jazz Iron Man The Celtics Winning Moments that I notice that a desire for righteousness/wisdom flowed naturally from me. When I type something really fast and don't make any mistakes. Working out in the morning... feeling like I won the battle to start the day right. getting to show The Sopranos to another soul (Lawton is awesome) being one pound lighter after one week of working out... I can handle that pace... talk to me in a year. Realizing one of my most delightful core values of who I am: embracing the sacred in the secular. (thanks for putting it so eloquently for me)

that's it for now.

"Now if we could just get Drew to find the sacred in the sacred!" - Mike Patz