i held a little impromptu poll recently. Here is the question:
You're in charge of arranging a no holds barred fist fight between any two celebrities. Who would they be and why?
Here are a few of my ideas:
Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise.  I hope Tom Cruise receives serious mental and physical damage. But I think it would be a reasonably fair fight.  
The Rock vs. Vin Diesel & Paul Walker I think that pitting The Rock vs. Vin Diesel is a little cliche and, the Rock is like, two feet taller than Vin. I just don't think it would be fair. But throw in Paul Walker, whose special combat skills include gazing piercingly at people, having nice hair, and slapping like a middle school girl, could help make it a reasonably even fight.   
Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stallone C'mon. It's a classic. Nuff said.   
Colin Ferrell vs. Rosie O Donnell
I just wanna see both of these people take some well deserved cheap shots. Ideally, Ferrell would win, but not before getting a few ego-damaging face punches from Rosie.  
Master Chief vs. Max Payne
Wait, they're not real? Bogus. Well, it'd still be a good fight.  
The poll responses so far?
match: Paris Hilton vs. Vin Diesel
why: "i wouldn't care if either of them got seriously hurt."  
match: John Wayne vs. Sean Penn
why: sean penn is an ass.... BUT... he loves to fight.. and john wayne? he'd beat the shit out of sean
and then Kanye afterward just as a cool down.  
match: Pamela Anderson vs. Paris Hilton
why: cause it might get steamy.  
match: Jennifer Aniston v. Jennifer Love Hewitt
why: they both need the publicity.  
Whats YOUR idea? Comment with it.