thoughtsDrew Allen

chapter 26: quarter life crisis.

thoughtsDrew Allen

"Got a brand new blues that I can't explain, Who did you think I was?You got my number but I always knew the score, Who did you think I was? Will I keep shining til my light is gone? Who did you think I was? " - JM

"Second best, oh second best I can learn to live with this Plus I really need a rest After all what's wrong with second best?" -DB

i'm so worried at the moment.

my life. my health. my age.

i have no time for the fun things i want to do, let alone all the healthy,responsible things and habits i should doing and developing. where is all this time supposed to come from?? I feel like my life is playing in fast forward but that slower search one, where you can still hear the audio... it's just really fast... too fast to really make out what's going on and far too fast to enjoy watching...or living...

my immediate answer? Not a second more than 6 hours of sleep. I know that is enough. I just have to ignore the feelings when i awake. then i'll have time to work out. to pray. to read. get to work a little early, unrushed. get off on time, not feeling like i've half-assed it... time to go home and make food... to save money... to stay on budget... to get out of debt... to control my finances...

Is it this hard for everyone? Am I crazy? It's possible.