thoughtsDrew Allen

Drumming for the Church of Christ and other random banking rules.

thoughtsDrew Allen

so my morning was... almost productive.and ahead of schedule. that's a good feeling.

but yeah, that dean martin song is stuck in my head, only it sounds like david bazan covering it... melancholy and despairing. seems like the song would be better that way.

i bought one of those exercise fitness ball things. that should be fun.

i figured out that i really shouldn't go to gainesville this weekend... with gas competing with milk prices, and the fact that i am driving up to/through gville next weekend... it wouldn't be smart. i'm sorry mary. i'll do something cool to make up for it.

random banking rules: - DO NOT just walk in and walk up to my tower. ever. i don't care if i smiled at you when you walked in. that doesn't mean i'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs, waiting to serve you. - Grabbing a blank transaction slip on the way to my tower is NOT "being prepared" or "acceptable" Fill the damn thing out, please.

There are three church-of-christ ministry people who come in regularly, and i usually make a friendly comment about their "School of Preaching" checks they deposit, and this time the guy asked if i went to church anywhere. I said, yeah, the one here in the movie theater, and he asked about it...

"do you like going there?" "well... i'm not sure how to say this..." "...what?" "I play drums...and so I play for the band there... at church..." "ooooh..(trailing)" "yeah..." *silence* "our church is a lot different than that..." "yeah."

had lunch with pastor glenn procopio. he is a passionate and artistic guy who really loves Jesus. and that's a good combo.

sunday nights have been so good. i love the community. it is authentic. it is, like Corona, "miles away from ordinary."

and i really need a new job.

This is my prayer: "Lord, beer me strength." - Jim Halpert