So, life has been happening. Things to note: I bought the Watchmen. I hope to read this allegedly stunning graphic novel before the movie drops in March, so I can be dissapointed with the film. i kid, i kid.

I'm currently reading the Great Gatsby. It is starting to become more interesting. I love the way Fitzgerald writes.

Tonight I saw Mall Cop. I agree with my friend in that a basically ridiculous-plotted but funny anyway kinda movie has to stand the Dumb and Dumber Test. This movie definitely fails that, but I did laugh quite a bit. Kevin James did a great job.

"Nobody wins with a headbutt." - Paul Blart

Always get a little miffed though when hollywood takes a fat guy (namely, Kevin James), and puts him in these movies where he always ends up with a super-hot girl adoring and loving him despite his enormity. This is one of the suspensions of reality, that, because I am close to this part of reality often, annoys me. But I digress. It does remind me to work out more. (The Y was closed today, BTW. Bummer.)

Defiance on the other hand was really really good. I loved the historical nature of it, as well as the fact that it was a true story. It is a film that makes you really think about the value of human life and morality and honor and brotherhood and doing something worth being remembered for. Plus, any movie that makes me wanna be more of an Eldredgian Bad Ass Man's Man can't be too bad for me.

Ok, that's all for tonight. Time to see where Gatsby is driving him. and to get to bed on time.

"Hey, If I were you it would be me that I go home with!" - Andre 3000