thoughtsDrew Allen

don't believe me when i say i've got it down.

thoughtsDrew Allen

it might be aquarter life crisis, or just a stirring in my soul.

the trip was great.

The Amicalola Falls were awesome. It was my first real hiking experience. I loved it. There are a ton of pictures on facebook. It was a beautiful experience of connecting with God through nature and community. What an amazing opportunity.

I think I am a better person now because of it.

Here come better days.  (Robbie Seay Band)

We toured the MLK Museum, further cementing my disappointment with the people I am closest associated with racially.

“The War Question” haunts me, systemically.

It’s beginning to get to me.

My brain and heart still see violence as a necessary option in way too many situations.

It was inspiring to see someone (MLK) who refused to see Pacifism as simply an idealistic immaturity, but a nonviolent revolution. I should say, someone besides Christ. Jesus, help me in this. And, now I want to read more about Gandhi.

I’m not worried about the future. Particularly, I’m not worried about getting married/finding someone. That’s such an awesome feeling, to not be stressed about that. I look forward to it, of course. But, it’s almost like Christmas… I don’t want to hear Christmas music in August… as much as I love Christmas. I want to happen on its accord, the way its meant to.

Until then,  this is my renaissance. And I love it.

I am growing.

I am changing.

I am learning.

I am diversifying.

I am becoming the total package BAMF that God created me to be.

And I’ll drink to that.

- St. Andrew of Awesome.