So, what has been on my mind lately that i wanted to blog about? A few things actually. here we go.  

Slumdog Millionaire.

This blog entry is too late to make me appear as awesome as I am, because it sounds blah to blog about a movie that won best picture and talk about how good it is.  It's the blogical equivalent to getting to the pearly gates and going... "OHHHH.... it was real... I KNEW it." Well, maybe not exactly. 

In my defense I have seen the movie five times, and three of those were before it was even nominated for an Oscar. So there. I am totally awesome. No, but really, what a great film. Heartwarming. Engaging. Michael Jackson co-starring as a grownup Salim. All of these things made fo--- wait, what? Seriously? No way. It HAS to be him. Whatever. definitely him.


I'm Just Not That Into Valentine's.

That's a lie. I'm a hopeless romantic. Nah, i end up pretty hopeful often, too. But I did have a good one this year, albeit basically platonic. Ashlynn was the name of the lucky recipient of a fantastic night with me that included good music, wonderful italian cuisine, a good reisling, lots of laughs, good conversation, a great parking spot, and a great movie. and a speeding ticket. oops. One of those was less  than satisfying. But I daresay she had a great time too. So, yeah. It feels good to know that I've still got it. Even if "what I've got" is the ability to platonically romance a girl at my own expense with no capacity to translate that into anything beyond platonicity. I'm proud of my awkward special power. Oh, what movie did we see that night?


The International.

Clive Owen was pretty awesome, as was the movie. I was not expecting to walk out feeling like i was imparted wisdom by a movie that "action-thriller"-y. But there were some gems:

"Sometimes you meet your destiny on the road you took to avoid it"

"Character is much easier kept than recovered."

I know, right? good stuff. Anyway, ironically the next point is poignant when placed after these two...


She's Just Not That Into Drew.

I saw that movie too. Did I get the title right? That was quite the movie experience for me. Honestly, the folks in the row in front of us specifically thanked me for my commentary. I have discovered that I enjoy observing  and analyzing cross-gender interactions and their intentions, etc. Personal occurences aside, I just find the whole concept intriguing. Subtext, context, txt-text. all of it. Maybe the knowledge of research will pay off.  Or at the very least provoke some interesting reponses on my blog.


Drew is developing the product. No, really.

I have lost about 4 pounds this month so far. I'm exercising a lot more and counting calories and tracking both along with my weight on my sexy iPhone. So, ya. I'm sticking more to bodyweight stuff and walking/running at my house so I can watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on my laptop while I walk/run. 


Bonus Lightning Round!

  • Zach and I concluded that the Church is Echinacea for Society, at least ideally. 
  • The new facebook is cleaner. It's a SIMPLER, cleaner look. I am stunned by people who find it more cluttered. It is anything but that.  It's far easier to navigate and interact with... I'm a little annoyed with people who didn't like the last facebook change, and now that it is simpler again, they are equally dissatisfied. As I tweeted, please, Embrace the learning curve of GROWTH.
  • I miss matt green.
  • I am free for a lunch thurs/fri of next week. Feel free to attempt to schedule a lunch.
  • Blog coming soon about how AWESOME the Watchmen book was, and how much better it made the movie to have read it first.
  • I'm voting No on One. Because the argument for it is one thing (child molestation fear), but the "fix" is WAY overboard and COMPLETELY restricting the possibilty for a city to offer any protective rights that the state does not. Also, the amount of concern for this issue is ten times more than that shown for the homeless sheltering ordinance, an issue Jesus cares MUCH, MUCH more for. I promise. He told me.
  • I definitely have been more inspired to really learn about my craft (drumming) and become excellent at all aspects of it.
  • I'm currently reading The Great Divorce by CS Lewis.

Ok, I'm off.