movies, reviewsDrew Allen

Drew reviews several movies at once.

movies, reviewsDrew Allen

A lot to cover so let's get to it.

The Ghost Writer.
This was very good. Excellent storytelling, compelling story. Reminded me of Hitchcock.

How to Train Your Dragon.
98% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it didn't disappoint. Fantastic.

Clash of the Titans.
Not as legendary as I'd hoped for. But still entertaining and made me wanna work out.

She's Out of My League.
Very good. Too close to home minus the hope it gave.

Alice in Wonderland.
Lighter and happier than I was expecting or hoping for.

Hot Tub Time Machine.
It's no Hangover, but I'd put it even with Pineapple Express.

Green Zone.
Not a Bourne movie, but still great.

The Book of Eli.
Holy Crap. Best Christian movie I've ever seen.

Shutter Island.
Very impressive. Not as scary or disturbing as I feared it would be.