thoughtsDrew Allen

drew's 2007 christmas list

thoughtsDrew Allen

drew's 2007 christmas list.
(categorized, priced and linked for convenience)

dream gifts (in order of absurdity):
This car($17,000)
This notebook ($4,800)
or this one ($3,300)
This bag: ($200)
or even this bag ($120)
This bass guitar ($250)
this toiletry bag:($80)
This ride cymbal ($290)
This crash cymbal ($250)
This drum throne (stool) ($150)

Subscription to Men's Health ($25)
one or more of this pen: ($7)
Wooden Shoe Trees from Target ($15)
This drum key ($7)

 one or more of the following shirts:
"Beards: They Grow on You" T-Shirt ($20-25)
"Volunteering: It doesn't pay" T-Shirt ($20-25)
Sopranos Shirt 1 ($20-25)
Sopranos Shirt 2 ($20-25)
or a pack of these shirts: ($15)

one or more of these books:
Sopranos: The Book (Hardcover) ($50)
Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (Hardcover) ($17-25)
Irresistible Revolution by Shane Clairborne ($15-18)
Subversive Orthodoxy by Robert Inchausti ($15)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)
Also anything by C.S. Lewis, Brian McLaren, or Donald Miller
(besides Mere Christianity, Blue Like Jazz, Generous Orthodoxy, Adventures in Missing the Point-- I have these already)

one or more of these dvds:
Lost Season Three (release date : Dec. 11)
Requiem for a Dream
Rear Window
Taxi Driver

have fun. :^D

disclaimer: I am by no means trying to say or communicate that i need or deserve this much stuff for my Christmas to be awesome. I am only trying to help people who DO want to/usually get me something for Christmas to see the things i really do want most and hopefully make the gift-buying process that much easier for them and more rewarding because I do actually really want the things on this list and they will make me happy to have them. yeah.  i think that's basically it.