I didn't know how to best share this, and show it well, so I am here.

My band (www.moodhosa.com) was recently mentioned in the Gainesville SCENE magazine, the second time this has occurred. This time, we really got a pretty glowing review...

The Link: http://www.gainesville.com/article/20100225/COLUMNISTS/2251002/1027/entertainment?p=2&tc=pg&tc=ar

I can't tell you how much it built me up to read the following words from the article:

They get my vote for best rhythm section in Gainesville, with Drew Allen and Ashley Wilkinson holding down the driving, primal rhythms. They play their instruments like they're extensions of their bodies, like they were born to keep a beat. - Dante Lima, Gainesville Sun

It just feels good to have your passion recognized, especially by someone who is A) in the press and B) a musician himself.

It means a lot and it inspires me to not to give up on my dream.

To Dante, many humble thanks.

And to Dumptruck, "We're gonna pull through." - Over The Rhine