Currently, I'm watching Wedding Singer ("best man!... BETTER man!") and it has been a couple of days of movies that are just... "on." so you end up seeing them, and possibly, enjoying them. I thought i would comment on a few. For starters, Primal Fear. Wow. intense movie. Edward Norton is incredible. And a good story.

Then you have Click. I only caught the last third of it I think, but holy wow. movies like that make me want to start a family. and that's something i don't way much.

Also, American President. This is romantic movie, really; but the implications are horrendous. A president making major policy decisions based on the interests of the lobbyist he's currently sleeping with? Wow.

Then today I got the chance to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There are some great, great moments in that movie. It's just classic.

still watching Wedding Singer.

"not PORNO tongue, church tongue." ROFL

Also, I am on pace to finish Irresistible Revolution tonight.

PS I am considering accompanying my mom on a Walgreen's run because I haven't left the house (except to jog) since Sunday afternoon.