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My Favorite Thoughts from Leo Wildrich's AMA

marketingDrew Allen
My Favorite Thoughts from Leo Wildrich's AMA

I love Buffer and use it all the time, so when I heard Leo Wildrich was doing an AMA on Inbound, I got very excited. Here's some of my favorite takeaways and thoughts from it. Screen capture of the AMA

  • Zenflow - It's fantastic. Excited to start using it.
  • Adding "study" or "research" to Google searches. Goldmine.
  • The way he talked about Twitter's business model and how Buffer supports that. Just appreciate a classy take on it.
  • "Rand Fishkin taught me that content isn't for direct signups - it's to create loyalty, branding and familiarity."
  • "The one thing I like to remind myself of is that I didn’t drop out of college to work on a startup. I started working on a startup, which saw great traction, so I had to drop out of college. When I tell this story, I often get it wrong and mix up the causal relationship between the two."
  • - would love to hear of anyone else's experience using it. Sounds wonderful.
  • Finding others who also have an interest in a great and productive routine really is probably 80-90% of what you can do to set yourself off on the right track.I also really loved his response to Rand on defending Buffer's unique service offering and why it works well.

Not a big blog, but I jotted these here, and figured I would share. Check out the whole thing here.

Anyone not using Buffer have any questions about it? Feel free to ask!