first breath after coma

is it too late to reflect? [thoughts i jotted in my journal at the end of 07]

Wow, what a year. So much of my life has changed...

I am back home with my parents. < [this is actually a good thing.] I lost my dad this year. I lost my grandfather this year as well. My business plans failed. I added more debt. All in all, Pretty Sh*tty.

It was a pretty deep valley i realize.

But. Now my journey is upward.

I have high hopes for 2008. I have dreams for 2008.

I will start to pursue. I will start my drumming career. I will look a lot more like i did in my junior year of high school. I will become debt free. I will I will read a lot of books. I will learn CSS or PHP or SOMETHING. I will instill basic spiritual disciplines in my life. I will feel God again. I will do pull-ups. I will have good style. I will express myself with art. I will give money away. I will tithe. I will live simply. I will remain hopeful. These are my dreams. Jesus, help me out.

Oh, and Mama Green is awesome for keeping the NY eve talk tradition alive. Let's please never let that stop. Hope.

PS The Nebbiolo was great. dry, not sharp. quick finish, but good.

PPS Molestache Madness!