it has been a long week and thus far a longer weekend emotions are running high really just the sum of some things you could just tell me do i smell bad or something i'm not sure exclusive maybe truth would be better except that it might mean having to show feelings for what they are trapped in a suit of reputations and propriety which i believe is far overrated lets redefine it my sonar broke and my submarine is somehow in a desert looking for an oasis oh and then its easter and i wish i could at least feel something that would be great i'm sure its all my fault but what do you expect from second best which by the way when do i get the rest i thought that was part of the package my plan is not simple enough and i refuse to be the one who always calls you out and sees too much and happens to catch and add but you could just tell me i'm man enough i'm too much man i know no one will admit that but everyone will know and i'm too much man on the side so don't leave things left unsaid for the sake of keeping me in your good graces enough to enjoy my company is crumbling and i need to sell all my stocks before they are worthless meaningless just tell me before they cut my company phone line flatline not quite yet there is a dull gray matter where my heart once set i really do need to rest tonight but we'll see if i might just try to save the day by seizing the night and why hope seriously its one of my defects i can't seem to quit even though i try i try.