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free fallin'

thoughtsDrew Allen

I bought the new john mayer live dvd tonight. i have watched about half of it. amazing.

i am adding it to my bucket list: Jam out with John Mayer.

Also... i guess i should say a quick word about surge.

It went better than I was expecting it to.

I see (at least) two major ways to grade a surge.

1. technical execution, how smoothly everything actually happened live; and 2. content/narrative, was that an astonishingly well done narrative with clips and skits that blew your mind and hit you with Truth from sources you weren't even expecting (sacred in secular).

For the former we did just great. And i am very glad for that, because i was very worried about that. I wasn't able to really secure or talk to my tech guys until 2 hours before surge.

For the latter, I was overall very disappointed. It's not so much a "what defines a surge" thing to me as much as it is a "what can i produce or direct that makes me feel most close to God/ most kingdom bringing/ most calling-fulfilling" sort of thing.

That is also NOT to say the people didn't perform well at all. On the contrary, i was entertained and moved by everyone's wonderful work dramatically.

it's late. maybe more thoughts later.