thoughtsDrew Allen

friday night, wilst thou come hither?

thoughtsDrew Allen

songs i enjoy from the past: smooth by Santana

independent women by destiny's child

fighter by Christina Aguilera

Don't Speak by No doubt

ok, so a customer just left that i wanted to hit in the face.

she could not for the life of her understand how depositting her whole check and then withdrawing cash, accomplished the same thing as depositting part of the check and getting the rest back in cash. She still deposits what she wanted to deposit, and still gets the cash she wanted. But the check was to her husband, so she can't just cash it... man that was frustrating...

"maybe i'll just pull ALL my money out of your bank, then!"

Please do. You're a terrible person.

i'm not a big fan of fridays anymore. the bank has ruined them for me.