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friday play by play workday

thoughtsDrew Allen

trying something new... just typing random things throughout out the day to make this entry... 10:36 New Kids on the Block - The Right Stuff comes on. Head bopping ensues.

11 AM Debating about whether to get a haircut or not...

Jim is a good friend.

Looks like Yamato for lunch.

I opted out of a haircut for today. maybe tomorrow...

Brave New World is pretty dark so far.

Putting on Barack Obama's acceptance speech to listen to while i work.... i know... the RNC is over... i'm a week or so behind okay??

It's really good. Now watching McCain's.

There's a mansion on the screen behind him... what's up with that?

I do appreciate his stance on corruption.

"I fought for the right strategy and more troops in Iraq, when it wasn't the popular thing to do."

That's no good. The right strategy was never MORE troopsin Iraq. The very fact that he fought for MORE troops in Iraq... that saddens me altogether.

Ok, now he's doing a little call and response thing...  I'm gonna do something good, He's gonna do something horrible.... *BOOOOO*

This is gross. Not to mention that half the stuff he said is just random blanket statements... like

"I will CREATE jobs. He will take AWAY your jobs!"

"Education is the civil rights issue of the century."   That's a good point, actually.

More blanket statements about Obama with no backup

I do think we should be drilling in Alaska.

He waxed too patriotic at the end. America is not God's chosen or favorite country. Especially after the atrocities we have committed throughout our history. Don't get me wrong. I live here and enjoy it. And i am grateful to those before who have died to protect it.  But to place God's seal of approval on our nation for everything we do is a gross oversight. I will "stand up and fight."  To keep that kind of blind, crazed ragelike patriotism from pervading society.

I know i'll get flak for this one. But it's just my thoughts from listening to both acceptance speeches.

Robert Randolph tonight. should be pretty awesome.