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happy monday

movies, thoughtsDrew Allen

I love catching up with people. not like, -the you're walking faster than me, and I have to jog to get back up with you- sort of way. more like the -call and talk for an hour to someone you haven't seen or talked to since 1998- way. there is hope all around.  I know that. and it comforts me.

But, I am in need of a Bruce Wayne period in my life. think about it. if you can't figure it out, ask me and maybe i'll explain it.

i saw lord of war. intense. good message. and a few good quotes.

i am not in the mood for 4th of July. i like fireworks and cookouts. but I don't feel very patriotic.

jesus is worth my all.

yaybo for A-boe.  i'll call soon.

much to do today. arrivederci.