Well. i just can't even beGIN to update you. I'm currently sitting in Charleston, SC. Today has been a day of work with Donnie Brasco.

I finally designed something in photoshop, and then made it in HTML and CSS.

Bonus? I didn't use Dreamweaver. I used Coda, exclusively.

So, it's felt like a milestone for me. I think the Heroes all owe me a drink. But wait, there's more.

ALSO, with some database help from matt green, I installed Wordpress on my own webspace and imported all of my old posts into it. Actually, you knew that already... because you're reading it. lol. But yeah.

I know, I know. Pick one. I'm working on it.

I have seen several movies recently (what else is new, right?) and i want to throw a few comments in. But alas, the hour is late where i am, and the comments will have to wait.

Just remember to update your RSS feed. This is now my blog.

Did I mention how funny It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is?