i am looking forward to friday.

and tomorrow too. why you ask? those are my two days off this week.

and they are going to be good. I had practice tonight after work. that was cool. I think quest will be good.

life has bests and worsts.

the toms in the music suite suck. badly.

i love matt green. after all this time, david is still david. i will always value that.

now that myspace has the community aspect down pretty well... (too well, probably), i may start using this as a blog, and that as a stay in touch method. and facebook as a book of faces. i wouldn't mind a monopoly on this whole online network market... it would make life simpler... as long is its not myspace. that would make life tough. and annoying...

oh, and don't forget to check the hot list and not list when you visit... it will be regularly updated, when I feel like it...

i like my new banner too. heck yes.

it's late (early), and I have laundry to do tomorrow (today)


ps is this really happening?