I was really hoping William Hurt would be in it.

I was disappointed that he was not.

But, besides that, The Hurt Locker was a pretty excellent movie.

Best Picture? Ehhhh.... maybe. I guess I could see that.

It was really great to see the scenes play out like they did, almost vignettes or journal entries in this unique line of work and life. Grim realities and exhilarations along with the mundanity of life.

I was really impressed that my spell checker didn't correct me for "mundanity." I was a little excited at my attempt at neologism.

It is also possibly a little too late for me to be blogging coherently.

It's really not been as awesome a year as I'd hoped or planned. Here's to a strong finish.

I am sadly counting "I would but"'s these days as almost wins. You gotta rejoice in the small victories.