thoughts, marketingDrew Allen

I wrote to Facebook.

thoughts, marketingDrew Allen

Dear Facebook,

I use Facebook extensively and have over 1200 friends. While I actively weed out unwanted info from my Live News Feed by hiding people or applications... my Live Feed is still overloaded with plenty of info, more than I can ever really keep up with... but that has never really been a problem, thanks to friends lists.

I was able to make friends lists (one was "Radar" for potential dates/love interests, and also "Core", for my closest dozen or so friends). I was able to make the lists, but much more importantly, I was able to drag and drop the lists I wanted most accessible above the "More..." line that by default hid everything below it.

This way, whenever I would visit Facebook, I had the following simple options on the left hand side, all only ONE click away:

News Feed
Status Updates
More Lists >

This made Facebook easy and convenient. The information I wanted most was the easiest and quickest to access.

That is no longer an option... Now a friends list is buried under 2-3 clicks and even some scrolling down.

Here I will say, that I am not one to always complain endlessly about the changes you guys make to improve Facebook. Check my group history if you doubt it :) .

Actually, I very much like many of the changes made this weekend to Facebook. Notifications on the top bar, even more fully using the links and navigation possibilities of the left hand side, these are very positive moves.

However, as much as I appreciate the new changes to the home page, Removing the drag and drop functionality from the left hand side is a tremendous downgrade to the facebook user experience.

I know that I am but one voice among millions, but I'm sure you're aware that a customization option like drag-and-drop link lists is a large one to be haphazardly tossed away. Please consider restoring/adding that function back to facebook's overall very well-done home page.

My friends and women who may or may not know that I have crushes on them will thank you almost as much as I will.

Drew Allen