thoughtsDrew Allen

just being honest.

thoughtsDrew Allen

i now hate fridays.

to me,
friday is when you are at the end of a grueling foot race and you stumble/lunge forward into the air, gasping for breath, sweat stinging your eyes, smoggy air filling your lungs, every part of your body in pain screaming for release.

friday is that stumble/lunge/gasp.

the customers are at their worst.
apparently friday is "leave your drivers license and debit card at home and still try to cash a check" day.
the sales pressure is at its highest.
the shift is extra long (9.5 hours)
did i mention it's also the busiest day?

the racing analogy above makes it seem like a glory-filled finish, but it's not. there is no glory.
you pick your self off the rocky dirt where you landed/collapsed face first moments ago, brush the dirt off your face and knees and you notice.
you're right back at the starting line.

you have a couple of days to catch your breath.
and then you have to start the race all over again.