thoughtsDrew Allen

just keep me where the light is.

thoughtsDrew Allen

the real weekend update: FRIDAY:

earned a paid day off with 6 credit card referrals.

Happy Hour at Harry's to celebrate and kick off the weekend. (Chardonnay)

gave half of a hand massage. (just one hand)

chilled with tim before he fled the country for the mayan ruins of guatemala.

tried dogfishhead beer. potent taste but very nice.

SATURDAY:(aka Hang-out-with-female-friends-you-haven't-seen-in-too-long Day)

couldn't sleep as was planned. damn body clock. lol.

cleaned up my house a bit.

went with leah to the bank i work at (i had left my hat there friday)

went with leah to lunch at (where else) macaroni grille.

went with leah to the wine shop i used to work at.

went with leah to the salvation army where i bought an awesome coffee table.

talked to mary for a little bit. that was cool and overdue.

cleaned the house a bit more.

went to subway with ashley.

went to publix with ashley.

planned all of this week's nightly activities.

let chris and court borrow some DVDs.

watched the gators kick ucla's tail to get to the big dance, with ashley, and crob.

caught ashley up on 24 (milo redeems himself ironically)


played at lakeside village.

Breakfast with the King and Hanke, Swicegood, and Gina.

played at lakeside village again.

drove to ocala.

had cracker barrel with rachael.

tried out burt's bees and the dual white rocker (it was apparently broken ;-))

ate panera with the crew (court, hogan, j-roq)

saw blades of glory with the same crew.

laughed a ton at the movie.

stared in wonderment at jenna fischer in the movie.

so yeah. a pretty packed and fun weekend.

go gators!