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la camina del boligrafo

thoughtsDrew Allen

we all break the same.

mutemath has good lyrics as well as facerocking music. listen to it.

growth is such a good feeling.

I wrote these a while back (september?) as a part of an extemporaneous  poetry game.
your thoughts are appreciated.

the random inspiration was a pen... a crappy one at that... enjoy.

this pen doesn’t work it barely works anyway like my thoughts today great intentions and great ideas ready to bloom, but they are inhibited, prohibited by the outlet, or lack thereof the ink inside the tube is inspired to greatness but the paper remains blank like intentions and inaction like love that remains hidden, suppressed like hope deferred this pen doesn’t work and my heart is sick.

pen sans cap wearing your heart on your sleeve is like a pen sans cap wherever you encounter life your feelings spill out without regard to their impact and the mark you leave is always tough to remove and tougher yet to forget


so yeah.
dan in real life was amazing. you should see it. oscar worthy performance by carell.
american gangster was also very entertaining. See it if you like gangster flicks at all.

RSS feeds are awesome.

several friends traveling this week/end. i'm missing them already.

ok, back to Lost. I'm nearing the end of season 2.

>> st. andrew

"The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room." - Frank Lucas