thoughtsDrew Allen

lay your armor down.

thoughtsDrew Allen

i really want a digital camera. i am going to gainesville in a few days.

i am looking forward to it.

business stuff is happening and that is very cool.

i would save the receptionist, just to clear that up.

i hate not having an in. i feel so in the dark about things. but, i promised myself i would keep my mouth shut for a while.

melisa is cool.

i also like Olive Garden.

putty is back in the states.

debating about doing my internship at a place besides victory. because of fireworks but no explosions in the sky and motives and callings and misguided patriotism. And because anything less than the best scenario is totally unacceptable.

how's that for total vaguity, jen?

also, I want to play with josh, but not with singers. that's a catch 22. and no, I ain't hatin.

i am digging the song transatlanticism. thanks, david.