there are so many things i want to write about but i am feeling so tongue-tied i don't really know what to say anyway i guess i am more fully believing in christ but more full confused as to what that means to my life day to day and i don't know where to draw the line between respecting people's beliefs and decisions and trying to point them the right direction or hell at least a wise direction what about when i know what people believe is it wrong to point times when they should be living that way or do i keep silent when words and actions collide in inconsistency i wouldn't want people to keep silent for me i would want them to speak up and take action i might be angry for a bit but then i would thank you later i am more and more realizing the idea that you can't give a child everything he thinks he wants now because thats not good for him in the long run people and friends are the same way kinda i'm having more fun than all of you life is good for me but busy and i don't know or i didn't know that it may cost me friendships along the way that was never part of the plan so i don't quite know what to do jesus is just alright with me so is donnie brasco and i could sure use a matt or two or three but for now another tea from cc for me and back to productivity.